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We are not here to take up extra bandwidth on the Internet; there will be no mindless gibberish or fluff, just the raw goods. By raw goods we mean the best Online Casinos Review ever for the top USA Internet Casinos! Our goal is to provide you with the proper how to play casino game guides and strategy for playing at the best rated online casinos and to provide you a place to practice with our own free casino games section. Once you’ve read our how to play casino game guides, read some of the latest news and updates for the best online casino bonuses, and once you have had a chance to play these casino games for free with no signup or no casino download required, you’ll be on your way to joining one of our best US online casinos that best suits your playing style. Please take a look at our Best US Online Casinos section that has our picks for our favorite online casinos and detailed online casinos review voted on by all of us and you the visitor. We have full confidence in all of the best US online casinos we recommend and if you ever have a problem, we will gladly step in to mediate. We’ve personally played at all of the Best US Online Casinos we recommend and have the utmost confidence in them. With 2016 almost done, we look ahead to reviewing the best online casinos for 2016 in the US. Our rating system is based on our own independent research in addition to the feedback we have received from many of our own visitors. Our list of best rated online casinos will give you all the information you need to know about online casino bonuses, top rated online casinos, progressive slots, free blackjack, fast payouts and easy deposit options for players from the USA. If one of our visitors ever has an issue with one of these recommended online casinos, we want to hear about it and we will do our best to resolve it. The ROC visitor is always right, unless of course they are wrong which never happens!

Best US Online Casinos for 2016

Below you will see our weekly online casino news updates for the Best US Online Casinos for players from the USA. Whether you are an avid online casino player, or just a newbie looking for an interesting read, down below you will find all the information you need to know or would like to know about the world of USA online casinos for American players. As they say “what goes up, must come down” and such is the case with Casino Coins Properties. Casino Coins is the parent company behind many popular US online casinos such as the Slots Galore Casino, Caribbean Gold Casino, VIP Slots Casino, Super Slots Casino, and Millionaire Casino which all previously accepted players from the USA. As of today none of the above online casinos are accepting players from the United States. If you had an account already with any of the aforementioned online casinos and you are living in the USA then you can still play in your account but you cannot create another account and you cannot recommend that casino to any new US players. This news did not hit our US online casinos community that hard considering that none of the above online casinos have even made it into our top 10 list of the best US Online Casinos which is based on the best casino ratings, payout percentages, online casino bonuses and US online casino player feedback. So if you are an US online casino player you need not fret as there are still a lot of great top US online casinos to choose from!

If you are reading this then you must have came here looking for the best US online casinos for players from the USA. We’re sure you are not interested in talking about politics or else you would not be here, so let’s talk about this month’s exclusive online casino bonus for US players. Voted May’s Best US Online Casino, the Bovada Online Casino is currently giving new US players a 100% signup bonus with your first deposit. In order to receive the Bovada Online Casino bonus all you have to do is click on the Bovada Online Casino link on the top right corner of this page, input your account information, deposit using bonus code “FREE888”, and the bonus will instantly appear in your account. That’s pretty much all she wrote for today in the world of the Best US Online Casinos so if you are looking to play real money online roulette you cannot go wrong with our recommended American casinos which have been rated according to player feedback reviews from fellow US residents such as yourself. Another one bites the dust and in this case, another few. We have just learned that US online casinos using the Rival Casino Platform have stopped accepting new US players. If you have an existing account at Rival Casinos USA online brands, then you can still continue to play, deposit and withdraw your winnings, but you cannot create any new accounts at the other brands if you are a US resident. This news comes to us after PokerStars and FullTilt Poker were forced to stop accepting US players because of the US government. Although Rival Casinos were never good enough to make our top 10 list of the Best US Online Casinos, by the way the new Bodog Casino is RTG powered, we understand that a lot of our players still had accounts there which we sympathize with. If you are having any trouble accessing your casino account because you are a US resident please let us know and we will do our best to intervene and help resolve the situation. We here at the ROC have the player’s best interest at heart and will continue to only recommend the best US online casinos.

The biggest issue with USA online casinos is that American players will have more difficulty processing their withdrawals through their bank, as banks in many jurisdictions are unable to legally process such transactions. So long as you’ve determined that you have a viable means of withdrawing any and all winnings, you should not have any issues playing at the Top USA online casinos. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make use of an e-wallet service such as Moneybookers. One of the best USA online casinos is the Bodog Casino. It has one of the highest payout percentages in the industry, has a great collection of games, and very generous bonuses for depositing money and playing on their site. Other good sites are out there, they just take a little extra digging for American players to uncover. When looking for the best casino games for USA online casinos then we would like to extend to you our invite to check out this month’s latest online casinos reviews for American casino players with a decisive look at both new and old top USA online casinos. With recent news of the Bodog Casino leaving the USA market at the end of this year, many of our loyal followers have asked us what the new Bodog casino brand will be and what types of bonuses this new Bodog casino will offer. Luckily for you we have a detailed online casino review of the new Bovada Casino which is US facing, sportsbook and poker room that you will be able to read in the next few days. Stay tuned to our exclusive new Bovada casino review for US players that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Although the name of the new US-facing Bodog Casino was just made official, a recent forum post on a popular gambling blog writes that the new name is most likely going to be called the Bovada Casino. Although this is just pure speculation on our part, this is as close as we have come to learning about the soon to be Bovada Casino, Bovada Sportsbook and Bovada Poker Room. If and when this new Bovada Bo Vada casino name becomes official, be sure to check back here for a detailed Bovada Review which will include information on the Bovada Casino bonuses and deposit methods. The Raw Online Casino is your home for the best online casino reviews and our Bovada Casino review will be no different. If you are new to the world of online casinos then check out our Wiki page. No matter which part of this beautiful country you reside, we are all united in these spectacular states of America. We urge you to remember this when it comes time for elections. Vote for a government that protects our freedoms as casino players. We love playing casino games, whether be it online or in land-based casinos, so who is the USA government to say we can’t? Playing online casino games is just as American as watching baseball or betting on sports, it is good clean fun when done right by mature Americans. So for all of you online casino players living in the United States of America, game on!

Bovada Casino Review

You’re reading it here first folks, the Bovada Casino is here! New casino players from the United States will be very pleased to hear that the new Bovada Casino has made its debut. If you have yet to check out the new Bovada Casino you should now! At the new Bovada Casino, Bodog meets Nevada in a new Las Vegas themed online casino, sportsbook and USA poker room. Over the past 15 years we have all become accustomed to the great reputation that the Bodog Casino upheld. With a primary focus on the end-users playing experience at Bodog, and now at Bovada, you know that their product is going to be top notch and an online casino worth giving a shot. For a detailed Bovada casino review and some interested tidbits about the new Bovada Casino check out our online casino reviews. Our 10 best USA online casinos list to the right of you, left of us, has already ranked the new Bovada Casino in the top 5 based purely on their great reputation. Time and an ongoing monitoring of the Bovada Casino’s payout percentage will help this new USA online casino move up our top 10 list of the best US online casinos. The new Bovada Casino is giving players up to $1600 in new signup Bovada bonuses. Whether you love playing slots games, or casino table games, or even betting on sports, the new Bovada Casino has a bonus that will fit your playing style like your favorite socks. Now in the Bovada Casino new players can get a $500 match deposit bonus to be used playing slots, $200 match deposit bonus for Bovada table casino games, and a $100 free bet to be used in the Bovada Sportsbook just for signing up! Check out the below Bovada bonus codes to get on your way today at the new Bovada casino, formerly Bodog.
Bovada Bonus Codes

  • Bovada Slots Casino Bonus: SLOTS500

The above Bovada slots bonus is a 100% deposit bonus up to a staggering $500 to play on any slots game at the new Bovada Casino

  • Bovada Casino Table Bonus: CASINO200

The above bonus code for Bovada casino table games will grant you 100% up to $200 to play all your favorite online casino games such as online blackjack, roulette and craps!
The great thing about bonuses at the Bovada Casino are that they are issued instantly! Yes, you read correctly, at Bo Vada your bonuses are issued into your account instantly and Bovada casino bonuses are not slow release bonuses like at other online casinos for US residents.

And the new Spring line of casino games from the new Bovada online casino, old Bodog, just keep coming out like hot cakes. True to their word, the new Bovada casino keeps coming out with all the greatest and latest online casino games before any other operator. The most recently game released is the Bovada Dragons slots game. To read more more about the Bovada Casino and reviews on the latest Bovada casino games check out our exclusive Bovada Casino review which is updated weekly based on Bo Vada casino bonuses and casino game ratings based on individual player reviews.

Playing blackjack, craps or online slot machines has never been easier when you get an account at Bovada is an online casino that caters to US players. While other online casinos have shied away from serving US residents, Bovada has bucked the trend and decided to offer their wagering services to US players. When you think about USA Online Casinos, the only website you should think about is Bovada. Their flash interface will allow you to play online craps, roulette, slot machines, video poker and keno. You can even use your casino balance to bet on horses, sports or play poker. If you are a citizen of the US, you’ll understand that using Bovada as your one and only casino is a smart decision for both your bankroll and your sanity. All games are licensed by their respective gaming authorities and payouts are always quick and easy. If you deposit with a Visa card, you will receive your payout by check. If you deposit with a cash transfer method such as Rapid Transfer, you will be able to receive your winnings via Rapid Transfer. The minimum for Visa is $20 while Rapid Transfer is $100. When you place your money in the hands of Bovada or the Ignition Casino, you can rest assured that your money safe and your payouts will be reliable.

To learn more about the good folks at Raw Online Casino check out our Google+ page today for the latest tips and tricks on how to play at the best US online casinos for 2016.

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Could Online Gambling Become Legal in USA Under Trump?

With the recent election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, there is widespread speculation in the gaming industry that Trump could potentially prioritize online gambling at the national level.

There are several factors that could sway the national legalization of online gambling in the United States. Let’s look at a few of these factors.
Could Online Gambling Become Legal in USA Under Trump?

Donald Trump is close with Chris Christie

A few years ago, the state of New Jersey became one of the first states to legalize online gambling and provide licenses to online casinos operating in the state. This could bode well for those who want online gambling to be legalized nationwide. A report written by speculates that a Trump company may own a share of a company that possesses a license to perform online gambling in New Jersey.

Sheldon Adelson Continues to Donate to Republicans

One of the biggest proponents against online gambling is Sheldon Adelson. Although legalized online gambling exists at the state level in Nevada, Adelsen has fiercely opposed the expansion of online gambling nationwide. His large contributions to Republicans may persuade congress to suggest that this is a states issue.

Could a Framework for Legal and Regulated USA Gambling Happen During the Trump Presidency?

Being in favor of gambling while serving as a politician is usually a negative that opponents will use against you as an attack. However, the USA now has a President that has owned brick and mortar casinos properties in the past.

If online gambling has a chance to have a voice at the national level, Trump may be the best shot that Americans have in terms of having an advocate for the gambling industry in the White House. After all, Trump talks about bringing businesses back to the United States, shouldn’t online gaming fall under that umbrella as well?

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IRS Access to Records of CoinBase Users

One of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world is CoinBase. The company is based in California and the platform handles billions of dollars in Bitcoin transactions.

The IRS recently won a ruling that allows them to gain the identities of CoinBase users from 2013 to 2015. From there, the IRS will be investigating how some users may have abused the CoinBase service in order to conceal transactions from their books.

Although laws in place that make it extremely difficult for you to do business with offshore gambling websites in the USA, you are still obligated to pay taxes on any income that is derived from online gambling websites.

Some online gamblers will move money through Coinbase as a method exchanging Bitcoins for USD. If you have used Coinbase, you should be alerted that the IRS could have information about your transactions.

IRS Access to Records of CoinBase Users

The story of Coinbase having to turn over its records has even hit mainstream media outlets. Forbes recently wrote that:

“The IRS’s efforts have been wildly successful, and offshore account collections top $10 billion now. The IRS is likely eyeing digital currencies as a similar treasure trove of unpaid taxes.”

Forbes goes on to say that Bitcoin tax-dodgers could be brought to justice. If you have mistakenly left income off of your tax returns, experts say that you should file an amendment in order to properly report any earnings through Bitcoin.

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Is the Philippines Instituting a Crackdown on Online Gaming?

Most industry analysts see Southeast Asia as a booming sector for online gaming. Reports from Reuters suggest that recently elected Rodrigo Duterte has begun focusing on crackdowns all across the board. Among the crackdowns, Duterte has indicated that the online gaming industry in the Philippines would be one on the radar of the government.

Inside the Philippines, PhilWeb was recently stripped of its online gaming licenses, leaving it unable to operate in the country. The country quickly backtracked that decision, as Leonard Postrado confirms that PhilWeb has received clearance to continue operating in the country.

Is the Philippines Instituing a Crackdown on Online Gaming?

Postrado goes on to write in another article that 1,300 Chinese Nationals were recently deported for running a massive call center for a casino in Philippines. The Calvin Ayre report goes on to say that many of the nationals were alleged to have been engaged in an illegal online gambling ring.

The Philippines is an important piece of the online gaming industry in Southeast Asia. If this industry is heavily regulated or forced out of existence, much of the technology and innovation that is happening there could face a setback. Online gaming industry regulation in the Philippines is a topic worth paying attention to over the next few years.

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Examining the Impact of Mobile Online Gaming

The concept of betting electronically is nothing new. In fact, the infamous Wire Act was passed in the 1960s to discourage the use of telephone lines when sports bettors realized that they could use the technology to make bets from anywhere.

As the landscape of digital online gaming continues to change, the industry must adapt to new regulations as well as new opportunities.

Did you know that the total mobile gaming market was worth $25B at the end of 2014? All analysts believe that this trend will continue to uptick, which will cause gaming technology companies to continue to innovate their offerings.

Examining The Impact Of Mobile Online Gaming

One of the biggest technologies on the horizon for mobile gaming is virtual reality (VR) headsets. VR provides online gambling patrons the ability to play casino games as if they were actually at a casino. Imaging playing an online poker tournament using a VR headset!

As technology and trends continue to emerge, new opportunities will present themselves in the arena of online gambling. You could argue that online gambling is one of main drivers in overall online gaming technology, since the creation of new online gambling software provides a real profit incentive for the publisher.

As a result, the next decade of innovation for the online gaming industry seems exciting and patrons seem more willing than ever to adopt the new technology.

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Sportsbooks Take Biggest Political Betting Loss Ever

Regardless of your political affiliation, the 2016 Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was a barnburner that kept everyone up into the middle of the night wondering which candidate would emerge victorious.

Online sportsbooks such as Bovada were giving Trump +350 betting odds to win the election. Clinton was the heavy betting favorite at –500. In political elections, usually the sportsbooks are able to accurately pinpoint the winner based on the betting odds. At –500 in an election should be a virtual lock on the election.

Paddy Power’s sportsbook had already paid over $1M to early Clinton voters because they were so sure that she was going to get elected. Paddy Power went on to lose over $5.5M total on the US Elections alone.

Sportsbooks Take Biggest Political Betting Loss Ever

With Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States at +350 betting odds, many sports betting enthusiasts have begun to wonder: How did the sportsbooks get this wrong?

All indications show that there was a large sum of early money bet on Hillary Clinton. That would have likely increased Trump bettings odds, and lowered Clintons payout odds. During the last week of betting, it was reported that 91% of all late money bets were for Trump. Many sportsbooks flucated on Trump going from 2/1 betting odds to 4/1 betting odds.

The year 2016 will go down as the worst year ever for the sportsbooks who have hosted wagers on political races. Combined with the losses incurred by the Brexit vote, international online sportsbooks will need to refine their methods of handicapping political races unless they just enjoy giving their customers free money during the political season.

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Merger Between Amaya and William Hill Fails to Materialize

Amaya, the parent company of PokerStars, recently solicited talks with William Hill to potentially merge their player pools to create one of the largest online gambling websites in the world.

William Hill has become one of the online gambling industry’s most recognizable names. Currently, William Hill’s main product offering is online sports betting. Amaya’s main online gambling asset is its PokerStars software.

Amaya purchased PokerStars several years ago, and since the purchase, the PokerStars software has slowly changed into a full fledged online casino platform that prominently promotes poker games. Amaya believed that its PokerStars user base would begin gambling on its other platforms, therefore generating additional revenues for the parent company Amaya.

Merger Between Amaya and William Hill Fails to Materialize

Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened and some industry analysts feel as if Amaya has cannibalized some of its user base with the introduction of table games, online casino games and sports betting within the PokerStars client. Amaya also faced regulatory issues, given the fact that not all of their products are compliant with local laws.

It’s being reported that William Hill quickly turned down the notion of a merger between the two online gambling organizations.

Bloomberg reports that the merger would have been a difficult transaction, given the fact that William Hill does not have a permanent CEO in place.

While both William Hill and PokerStars primarily serve overseas gamblers, both company have begun making headway into the regulated markets within the United States. For example, if you walk down the strip in Las Vegas, you will certainly see signs promoting sports betting parlors that are managed by William Hill. In New Jersey, Amaya has recently acquired a license for its PokerStars software to be operated by online poker players all across the state.

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Online Casino Industry Thriving with Bitcoin

Those who wish to bet online sports online in the USA have probably been asked to deposit using Bitcoin. Many online casinos are giving out lucrative deposit bonuses for those who use Bitcoin.

Why is Bitcoin becoming a preferred method of depositing and withdrawing on casino websites? Bitcoin gives gamblers the ability to rapidly transfer money both to and from the online sportsbook of their choice within minutes.

By using Bitcoin, gamblers can anonymize their online transactions and cash out from their favorite online casino using Bitcoin. From there, they can transfer the funds into an exchange where they can convert BTC to USD.

Online Casino Industry Thriving with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is becoming the preferred way to deposit onto online casinos. Many online casinos are giving users special deposit bonuses in order to get them into the habit of using Bitcoin as a way to deposit and withdraw funds from their online gambling accounts.

In the coming years, digital currencies will become the preferred method of depositing funds onto offshore gambling websites. By using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it removes the complexity involved with processing credit cards for deposits by your favorite online gambling website.

Get started with Bitcoin by getting a wallet and funding it by purchasing BTC from an exchange or an individual located near you.

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The 3 Best Things About Gambling in Las Vegas

If you’re thinking about visiting Las Vegas, you might be swayed by the fact that you can simply gamble online or gamble at a local casino near you. Most people in the USA and Canada have a casino within driving distance from their home. With so many options nears you, why would you consider going to Las Vegas to gamble? Here are the best three things about gambling in Las Vegas:

The 3 Best Things About Gambling in Las Vegas

Sports Betting

The thrill of watching a game on the big screen of a Las Vegas sportsbook certainly enhances any sports bettors betting experience. Las Vegas has capitalized on the fact it allows legal sports betting. Sports bettors can go to swaggy sports betting parlors such as Emeril Lagasse’s Stadium, located at the Venetian, to bet on sports. Lagasse’s Stadium is one of the best places to bet and watch the big game in Las Vegas.


Not only can you play online poker using in Las Vegas, you can play live action poker at pretty much any casino on the strip. Downtown casinos such as the Plaza offer poker tournaments with buyins as low as $5. During the summer time, Las Vegas has some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world including the WSOP’s Colossus. Not only that, Las Vegas provides gamblers with free booze. This can certainly loosen up a poker game, which can be profitable for the poker grinder.

Slot Machines for Every Budget

At your local casinos, 1 cent slot machines might be a rarity. Most casual gamblers flock to the 1 cent machines, making them unavailable for people who casually want to spin the machines. As soon as you get off the flight at McCarron airport, you’ll be greeted with slot machines in the airport terminal. If you enjoy playing slot machines, Las Vegas is the place you want to be! Do your research to figure out which property gives you the best comps, free play and other bonuses before deciding to play at a specific casino.

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Ignition Poker Room Review

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Ignition online poker room for US players. In addition to the Ignition Casino, they have now also launched the newest US online poker room.

Americans that are looking for an online poker website that lets you play with real money are becoming harder to find. Ignition Casino is a new website that allows you to play poker from your computer or from your mobile device.

Ignition Online Poker Room

Since Ignition Casino has recently acquired Bovada’s poker business, Ignition Casino has become the premier place to play online poker in the USA. Since your account can be funded with credit cards, wire transfers or Bitcoin, it’s possible to begin playing on Ignition within just a few minutes.
As you may have already read in our Ignition Casino review this online casino and poker room offers Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo. Best of all, when you play poker at Ignition, you gain poker points that can be redeemed for tournament tickets. Ignition lets you play your favorite style of poker, whether its multi table tournaments, sit-n-gos or cash games. Ignition also offers Zone Poker, which is a fast paced game of poker that allows you to get a new hand as soon as you click the fold button.

In terms of online poker, Ignition Casino offers a poker game for bankrolls of all sizes. You can sit in a .02/.05 game with as little as $.50 cents. Alternatively, you could sit down at a high stakes cash game with a few thousand dollars and try to hit it big.

Best of all, Ignition Casino has fast payouts. If you cash out using Bitcoin, you could receive your winnings in your Bitcoin wallet in a matter a minutes! If you think you have what it takes to be the next poker superstar, login to Ignition Casino today to see if you can match wits other online poker players across the world.

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