16 Officials Involved in Gambling Activities in China were Convicted to Prison

Mainland China has been devoid of casino games for quite some time, but the events that unfolded on June 26, 2017, have given rise to speculation that there are still illegal gambling activities being conducted in the region. The Chinese law states that any casino games marketing or gambling activity conducted in Mainland China, that involves a group of more than 10 people, will be immediately shut down, and the perpetrators will be sentenced to prison.

On the mediocre Monday morning of the 26th of this month, a Chinese court sentenced 16 employees of an Australian based casino, Crown Resorts Limited, to prison. The sentence ranged between nine to eleven months for those who pleaded guilty. Three out of the 16 people charged were Australian citizens, sent to China as envoys of the prestigious gambling firm. There was also the vice president in China of Crown Resorts who was sentenced to prison, along with Jason O’Connor, head of their international VIP ventures.

China Gambling Conviction

The gambling company’s spokesperson said that Crown Resorts still remains respectful of the laws of Mainland China, but refused to comment anything further on the topic. The fines of the 16 condemned employees went in excess of 8 million Yuan, which Crown Resorts has pledged to shell out. O’Connor, Pan, and Xuan, the primary perpetrators from Australia were fined close to 3 million Yuan together. O’Connor was even deported from the country.

These sinful 16 were arrested in October 2016, and had since been in detention. The court confirmed that the detention period will be counted in the overall sentence. Crown Resorts had pulled out all their international resources since the unfortunate arrests to concentrate on expanding their empire in Australia itself. They even sold their stakes in Macau, where gambling is legal, for a whopping $987 million. This incident has been enlightening in several ways for those foreign entities looking to expand their gambling business in China.

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