43 Million Dollar Steak Dinner

Who would be mad enough to spend that much money on a meager steak dinner! Apparently, a middle class woman from Jamaica was. Katrina Bookman had hit the jackpot worth $43 million at a slot machine in the Resorts World Casino in Jamaica. Absolutely delighted at her stroke of luck, she immediately called up her mother to inform her about the change of fortune. Jumping in utter glee at her kismet, she bounced from slot machine to poker table to finally reach the dispense counter.

Katrina’s bubble of hope was burst in the blink of an eye as the assistants informed her about the glitch in their system. The slot machine in question had apparently malfunctioned which led to the jackpot. Imagine Ms. Bookman’s plight as she tried to digest the technical terms thrown at her by the casinos games team. Reportedly, she only thought about her mother’s disappointment. As she quoted, “It was totally hurtful.” And why wouldn’t it be. You are promised a huge amount of money by a benefactor, and at the last moment, he backs out. You would definitely rage and storm at him for committing to the amount in the first place.

Katrina Bookman Slots Million

For Katrina’s trouble, the casino offered her a complementary steak dinner. The entire thing was sorted out without much hassle at that time. However, 8 months after the incident, Ms. Bookman decided to sue the casino. The malicious nature of the dilemma was haunting her through several nights. $43 million is a huge amount after all! Her lawyer confirms that if a player slides in the requested amount of coins into a machine, whatever comes out at the end of the play is rightfully hers.

The owners of the Resorts World Casino had conducted a meticulous investigation in August, confirming the presence of a glitch in the said slot machine. However, the decision of the court and the jury still remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this unnatural casino games phenomenon.

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