Charting the Gambling Reservations of Amy Poehler

She is regarded as the most accomplished female comedians of the decade. Amy Poehler’s hilarious feats in Saturday Night Live have left many audiences in shambles. The ones who were lucky enough to behold her role in Parks and Recreation just couldn’t stop laughing even after stepping out of the theater. This insanely funny yet sporadically attractive woman stars in the movie, ‘The House’, directed by the most successful comedy creators of the 21st century, Andrew Cohen. You may be able to recollect his wacky techniques to generate laughs among the audience in ‘Neighbors (2014)’.

The House 2017

While Amy Poehler accepted a role in depicting a gambler in ‘The House’, she is not quite a gambler at heart. She was forced to spend quite a bit of time in the Las Vegas casinos during the shoot. After the duration, she was quoted to say, “I realized that I get too grouchy when I lose my money, like my trip is ruined when I hand over my money to a man in a shiny vest. I would much rather have a fancy dinner and go see Britney Spears.”

Amy stated that she only accepted the role for starring beside Will Ferrel. ‘Blades of Glory’ was the only other movie that these two amazing entertainers starred in. Imagine them pairing up for a gambling based flick! It would speak volumes about Poehler’s acting ability if she could pull off the role that she hates the most.

The movie is set to release on June 30, 2017. It also stars Ryan Simpkins of Revolutionary Road fame, and Jason Mantzoukas (The Dictator) in supporting roles. The movie has created quite a buzz among the fans of ‘The Rounders’ and the ‘Ocean’s 11’ trilogy. Quite a few admirers of the ‘Indecent Proposal’ have popped up, hoping for a similar twist in the tale concerning infidelity.

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