Could Online Gambling Become Legal in USA Under Trump?

With the recent election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, there is widespread speculation in the gaming industry that Trump could potentially prioritize online gambling at the national level.

There are several factors that could sway the national legalization of online gambling in the United States. Let’s look at a few of these factors.
Could Online Gambling Become Legal in USA Under Trump?

Donald Trump is close with Chris Christie

A few years ago, the state of New Jersey became one of the first states to legalize online gambling and provide licenses to online casinos operating in the state. This could bode well for those who want online gambling to be legalized nationwide. A report written by speculates that a Trump company may own a share of a company that possesses a license to perform online gambling in New Jersey.

Sheldon Adelson Continues to Donate to Republicans

One of the biggest proponents against online gambling is Sheldon Adelson. Although legalized online gambling exists at the state level in Nevada, Adelsen has fiercely opposed the expansion of online gambling nationwide. His large contributions to Republicans may persuade congress to suggest that this is a states issue.

Could a Framework for Legal and Regulated USA Gambling Happen During the Trump Presidency?

Being in favor of gambling while serving as a politician is usually a negative that opponents will use against you as an attack. However, the USA now has a President that has owned brick and mortar casinos properties in the past.

If online gambling has a chance to have a voice at the national level, Trump may be the best shot that Americans have in terms of having an advocate for the gambling industry in the White House. After all, Trump talks about bringing businesses back to the United States, shouldn’t online gaming fall under that umbrella as well?

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