Examining the Impact of Mobile Online Gaming

The concept of betting electronically is nothing new. In fact, the infamous Wire Act was passed in the 1960s to discourage the use of telephone lines when sports bettors realized that they could use the technology to make bets from anywhere.

As the landscape of digital online gaming continues to change, the industry must adapt to new regulations as well as new opportunities.

Did you know that the total mobile gaming market was worth $25B at the end of 2014? All analysts believe that this trend will continue to uptick, which will cause gaming technology companies to continue to innovate their offerings.

Examining The Impact Of Mobile Online Gaming

One of the biggest technologies on the horizon for mobile gaming is virtual reality (VR) headsets. VR provides online gambling patrons the ability to play casino games as if they were actually at a casino. Imaging playing an online poker tournament using a VR headset!

As technology and trends continue to emerge, new opportunities will present themselves in the arena of online gambling. You could argue that online gambling is one of main drivers in overall online gaming technology, since the creation of new online gambling software provides a real profit incentive for the publisher.

As a result, the next decade of innovation for the online gaming industry seems exciting and patrons seem more willing than ever to adopt the new technology.

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