Is the Philippines Instituting a Crackdown on Online Gaming?

Most industry analysts see Southeast Asia as a booming sector for online gaming. Reports from Reuters suggest that recently elected Rodrigo Duterte has begun focusing on crackdowns all across the board. Among the crackdowns, Duterte has indicated that the online gaming industry in the Philippines would be one on the radar of the government.

Inside the Philippines, PhilWeb was recently stripped of its online gaming licenses, leaving it unable to operate in the country. The country quickly backtracked that decision, as Leonard Postrado confirms that PhilWeb has received clearance to continue operating in the country.

Is the Philippines Instituing a Crackdown on Online Gaming?

Postrado goes on to write in another article that 1,300 Chinese Nationals were recently deported for running a massive call center for a casino in Philippines. The Calvin Ayre report goes on to say that many of the nationals were alleged to have been engaged in an illegal online gambling ring.

The Philippines is an important piece of the online gaming industry in Southeast Asia. If this industry is heavily regulated or forced out of existence, much of the technology and innovation that is happening there could face a setback. Online gaming industry regulation in the Philippines is a topic worth paying attention to over the next few years.

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