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It’s 2018! Here at the ROC we all do not always agree on what to order for lunch, or which US online casino is our all-time favorite, but we do agree that online players from the USA want and need online casino options. There are just way too many US online casinos out there for any one player to try all of them. Did you know that 4/5 of the US online casinos we review do not make our list of the 10 Best US Online Casinos?

That is why we bring you our very own list of what we have found to be the best online casinos along with the best rated online casinos out there on the Internet. If you are still not convinced then just check out our Online Casinos Review 2018 and see for yourself the best in online casinos today!

Exclusive to the Raw Online Casino this month is our exclusive independent review of the new Bovada Casino. Check out our Bovada Casino Review now and get the straight goods on this new USA online casino that is already breaking records for most player sign ups in just their first week of launching. The new Bovada Casino is quickly moving up our ranks of the 10 best US online casinos for players living in the United States of America. These holidays treat yourself in the new Bovada Casino and get a new player signup Bovada bonus of up to $500 when you play Bovada slots and up to $200 when you play Bovada casino table games.

Unless you’re one of those people that has money to burn (and if you are, send some my way), you’re going to want to do your due diligence before choosing an online casino to play at. While the internet isn’t quite the completely lawless Wild West it once was, there are still disreputable sites out there that are best avoided.

Online Casinos Review 2018
This is where online casinos review sites come in. They do all the dirty work that you’re unable to. They deposit money, they sift through the games, they send e-mails to customer support to see just how responsive and courteous they are…they leave no stone in their online casinos review un-turned.

But like 2018 online casinos themselves, online casinos review sites are not created equal. Some have ulterior motives; others may be staffed by dolts who wouldn’t know a good online casino if it delivered their baby while performing Beethoven’s Third Symphony. You definitely want to find an online casinos review site you can trust; one that offers unbiased and fair assessments of any and every online casino which they review.

Until we see review sites which review the review sites, you’re stick judging their integrity with your own eyes. It may seem like a lot of work, but finding the best online casino you can is worth its weight in golden feathers. Enjoy the journey!

Best US Online Casinos

We’ve included all the info you need to figure out which are the best online casinos for you. Is the sign-up bonus important to you? Payout percentage? Customer service? You can find all this info in our online casinos review along with links to reviews of the best rated online casinos and best US online casinos. Please note ROC rankings of the best online casinos are based on current online casino promotions and player recommendations/complaints, therefore the rankings may change if we receive player complaints. Check out New Slots Games latest list of the Top US Online Casinos and win a chance to get a free $500 casino chip to the top USA online casino of your choice just for reading the Bovada casino review! If you have a comment or question regarding our list of best rated online casinos, we invite you to please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit our Player Feedback page. We understand the importance of having honest independent online casinos review and hope you do to!

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While a few people have a negative image about casinos, they do not realize that casinos have been host to some of the most entertaining games ever played. What makes gambling so much fun is the mystery of not knowing the outcome and the joy of winning. With the Internet becoming an important part of today’s culture, casinos have shifted from glamorous Las Vegas or Atlantic City and move to the virtual realm for everyone to play. However, it can still be a little confusing to choose an online casino when the Internet is full of them. That is where online casino reviews come into the picture. An online casinos review done by experts can make the decision of choosing one online casino very simple for the end user. Firstly, it eliminates the good websites from the bad and potentially illegal ones. Online casino reviews shed light on the most important aspects of each casino. They look at the number of games offered by the online casino. A wide range of games gives more choice to the customers. So if you want to play blackjack one day, you do not need to spend money for registering on another website. An online casinos review also looks at the payouts and benefits provided to the customer. Low payouts and little or no bonuses or benefits to the customer obviously make for a dull online casino. These reviews go through all the details before passing the final verdict, so you should definitely read online casino reviews before signing up on any casino website.

Internet Casino Recommendations

After scouring the Internet for good online casino recommendations you have probably landed here at the Raw Online Casino, you’re one-stop-shop for the best online casinos review for players in the USA. With a simple click of the mouse you can choose a top USA online casino review and see what’s great about a particular online casino, and what is not so great. With our easy to read casino pros and casino cons, you will be able to tell which USA online casino fits your ideal casino. If there is not an online casino in the list of our casino reviews them contact us and tell us. We will do our best to join and deposit with that casino and post a full review here within 7 days which includes pros, cons, and casino screenshots. We live in a melting pot of a country and we all have different wants and needs from the online casinos we choose to play in. Some players want only an instant play version, whereas some casino players only play in download casinos because they enjoy the speed and graphics that the download version brings. Some casino players read Internet casino recommendations just looking for bonuses, and on the other hand some USA casino players just want a casino that will take their US credit card. Whatever brings you here, we appreciate it and would love to hear your feedback of what you are looking for in an online casino review and what you could care less about. We play at online casinos to have fun, unwind, take a load off, and sometimes win a little extra cash, so the last thing we want to do is blindly join an online casino that prevents those things. Again, this is why we are here to bring you the latest and greatest online casinos review for USA players. Last but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to send along our well wishes to local US government authorities who are currently fighting for our right to play at casinos both online and in land-based casinos. Our soldiers have gone to war to protect our freedom and liberty here, so who are certain government officials that live and work on US soil to tell fellow US residents where they can and cannot play.

Bovada Casinos Review

It is with the utmost pleasure we bring to you the latest USA online casinos review for American players from all states! The new Bovada Casino has just recently launched into the US playing field and they are already making waves. With great Bovada casino bonuses and even bigger Bovada casino comps, this new US facing Bovada Casino is a must play account for any casino player. We aren’t saying you have to live and breathe with the Bovada Casino, but we do strongly urge you to give them a spin before you try your former favorite USA online casino. If you want to get your feet wet before joining the new Bovada Casino then check out our Bovada Casino Review that has our recommended Bovada deposit and payout options in addition to which games we think the Bovada Casino took the cake on, and which Bovada casino games need some improvement. Check out this month’s newest online casino, the Bovada Casino, and let us know what you think of this Bodog love-child of an online casino!

Online Casino Reviews

As you compare online casino reviews, you’ll find that many online casinos feature inferior outdated looking software that leaves you wondering why you even considered such a sketchy looking to begin with. When you gamble online at a website such as Bovada, you realize that the experience is completely different. Bovada has consistently received high praise from online casino reviewers and their software and customer support is light years ahead of the competition. Some online casinos have outsourced their support to unhelpful support staff members that are just there to answer the phone. Bovada has real customer representatives that are able to assist you with any issue or question you may have. For example, if you forget to bet on a baseball game and you aren’t near a computer, you can call Bovada up and give them your account information and place a bet over the phone. Bovada has every single game you will find in a land based casino. You won’t have to deal with thick clouds of cigarette smoke nor will you have to drive or deal with parking. When you load up Bovada’s award winning online casino, you will already feel like a winner before you make your first wager.