Online Gambling Regulation USA

With the rules changing all the time, many American casino players are often in a constant state of confusion regarding which online casinos accept US players and which do not. The online gambling regulation USA guide below will attempt to shed some light on the recent changes in US gambling legislation for American residents. We will also give you a quick rundown on the best US online casinos as of today that are still welcoming players from the USA.

All of the USA gambling regulations regarding online games of chance can be difficult to understand because there is no clear cut law saying whether it is illegal or not. Many law makers point to the Wire Act passed by congress in the 1960s that talks about accepting sports wagers over telecommunications lines. Several decades later, congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act as a last minute addition to the Safe Port Act. This act didn’t necessarily make online gaming illegal. In fact, all it did was place restrictions on banks that help facilitate these types of transfers. This act was enough run many of the major players out of the game but one company has withstood the storm and has operated business as normal since the governmental onslaught on online gaming.

Online Gambling Regulation USA

Bodog, which has a US facing site named Bovada, has been in the online gambling arena for nearly 2 decades. In our list of the top 10 US online casinos a heavy component in our rating factor took into consideration online gambling regulation USA changes QQQ Over this time, Bodog and Bovada have never missed a payout and the company has high reviews from independent sports book analysts. Customer support is available 24 hours a day and any question you have can be answered in a matter of minutes. Bodog and Bovada have beaten the USA Gambling Regulations and you should feel safe about keeping your bankroll on this site because of the integrity of the sites operators and payment network hasn’t been affected by government.

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